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if all bad children go to hell, it's because they want the fire.
✖sexuality meme. 
31st-Aug-2010 11:23 pm
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Sexuality Headcanon Meme

The Easy Part
What is your…

1. Name:
Alois Trancy
2. Age: fourteen (which means please don't open this if it'll skeeve you)
3. Sex: male
4. Gender Identity: male
5. Sexual Orientation: convenience

The Functional Part

6. Let’s talk virginity. Have you lost yours? If yes, how was the experience? If no, how do you feel about it?

I was ten years old. I made myself vomit afterward.

7. Are you sexually active? How much so? Are you comfortable with your level of sexual activity?
I'm a sexual thing and I'm an active boy.

8. Do you masturbate? How often and, if applicable, to what?
Sometimes I think about Claude Faustus. Sometimes I think about Ciel Phantomhive. Sometimes I think about nothing.

9. Promiscuity: How many sexual partners have you had? Ideally, would you get around more/less if you could? Do you have strong feelings about others’ promiscuity/lack thereof?
I never counted. Father had friends over sometimes.
I'll use 'stupid whore' as an insult, if that means anything toward it.

10. Safe sex: Do you practice it? Do you know how?
How little bruising does safe sex involve?

11. Do you now have or have you ever had an STD? Have you ever gotten or gotten someone else pregnant? If yes to either, how did this affect you? How anxious do these risks make you about sex?

12. Let’s be frank: How good are you in bed? How good do you think you are? How comfortable are you with your sexual performance?
I'm very beloved.

The Fantasy Part

13. Physically speaking, what do you find attractive in a potential sex partner? Do you consider yourself attractive?

I have pretty features and feet.
I don't have a good answer for the first one.

14. What about mentally/emotionally? What kind of attitude or personality turns you on? Why? Do you consider your personality attractive?
Hard to get, maybe.
I'm an insufferable brat. I'm already aware.

15. Do you prefer to be on the top or the bottom or neither? Are you generally dominant, submissive, or neither? How does this relate to your personality out of bed, if at all?
I control the controller. In and out of sex.

16. How important is your partner’s satisfaction to you and why? Are you needy/demanding/giving/etc.? Is romance or emotional connection important to you in sex?
It's best to satisfy.

17. Are you vanilla or kinky? If the former, how comfortable with/aware of non-vanilla sex are you? If the latter, what are your major kinks? How did you discover them, and how do you feel about them?
My kink is not being hit.

18. What turns you off? Why?
Being forced. I'm not sure that I should have to answer why.

19. How active is your fantasy life? How often/how vividly do you fantasize about sex? Describe a fantasy situation for you.
I imagine taking Ciel by the shirt. I imagine kissing him, and touching his hips and thighs. Claude is there and he'll kiss me later. He has ropes around Sebastian Michaelis and Ciel is red and sighing.
I think about that whenever Ciel mentions Sebastian Michaelis.

Claude is never very vivid to me, if I'm thinking about him. It's hard to imagine, somehow. I've never even seen his feet.

Some Gritty Details Part

20. Talk about your sexual awakening. How old were you when it happened? Who/what was the first thing that aroused you? How did it affect you emotionally?

I didn't become aroused on my own until I was thirteen.
...It was strange. I laid in bed and thought about Claude.

21. Have you ever done/fantasized about anything sexually that you’re earnestly ashamed of? What was it? Would you do it again?
There's no use in being ashamed.

22. Have you ever committed a sex crime? Have you ever been the victim of one? In either case, if yes, how did this affect you?
Pedophilic rape is a sex crime, right? It affected me by helping to bring Claude to me.

23. Is there anything about your sex life or sexual preferences that you would never tell anyone? How sexually open/repressed are you in general? Why?
There's no use in repressing.

24. How do you feel about sex, morally speaking? Beyond the basics, are there any sexual areas – homosexuality, prostitution, whatever – that you have strong, moral reactions to? Where do those come from?
It wouldn't matter if I did, now, would it?

25. If you could change one thing about your sex life, would you, what would it be, and why?
Probably the fact that I had one so early. On the other hand, I wouldn't have had Claude.
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