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if all bad children go to hell, it's because they want the fire.
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6th-Aug-2019 11:18 am
feeds you injections of cortisone.
further character information

updated to keep with canon plot twists. they keep happening.


name: Alois Trancy
canon: Kuroshitsuji II
gender: male
age / birth date: fourteen fifteen years; fifth of november, 1875

canon abilities: Only supernatural control over a demon, which has no real bearing here unless the demon shows up too.
'dormant' abilities: The ability to communicate with spiders. They're definitely a theme with him, due to his demon, and if Claude isn't around, he'll need someone who can be spider-y for him.
on-hand weapons: His fingers D: None.

appearance: Those shorts are probably not suitable for the Victorian era. He does not care.

current point in canon: Between episodes four and five; by then, Claude has informed Sebastian that Ciel is invited to the Trancy Household, and Alois is anticipating their meeting.


Alois Trancy is an exceptionally unhinged boy, and he really isn't very good at hiding it. Despite his high social status, he seems to be incapable of keeping up any semblance of stability for much more than a necessary burst of time; entertaining guests is possible, when his position as Earl of Trancy and head of the household demand it, but even then it's clearly difficult for him to control his urge to torment. He's a good deal like a small child with a stick and an insect, but in this case, the stick can be anything from a demon of hell to his own words or hands, and the insect is-- well, humanity as a whole, really. Ranging from disdain to lack of comprehension to wishing that they'd all disappear, Alois simply cannot tolerate company for very long without growing infuriated. Unfortunately, his fury will often take form by way of sadism, directly followed by outright juvenile delight.

The sadism, oddly enough, seems to come in just as short a series of rounds as his periods of amiability. Any happiness he'd gained from plucking out his maid's eye with his fingers (seriously) vanished within moments; Alois grows bored with things, whether they be company or fresh blood running down his hand. He is unflinching, remorseless, and largely without regard for anyone other than himself. Inflicting pain is both a source of entertainment and an outlet, but it never lasts for long. A temporary fix, maybe - Alois never seems satisfied with life simply because he can never find anything to satisfy him. His focus doesn't at all come easily enough for that. Alternatively, his focus lies at the idea of preening and making himself impressive, though rather than grooming himself for high company, he'd like to be pleasing in taste and manner to his butler. While he isn't above acting foolishly or cruelly simply according to his mood, he's also commonly trying to attract Claude's attention with his startling antics.

Lack of a conscience and courtesy aside, he is - perhaps surprisingly, perhaps not - quite fragile. He harbors a few incredibly intense fears; darkness paralyzes him, throws him into a panic and brings him to tears, while the idea of being left all alone will do much the same. He becomes wide-eyed and quivering, then, a hundred percent child and with his cruelty draining as quickly as the color from his cheeks. Alois seems to have no problem crying freely, whether it be genuine or simply to manipulate a situation. However, his manipulations are admittedly not quite so skilled as he would like to think; he tends to underestimate the people around him, as he has a very high sense of self. It isn't uncommon for him to feel 'invincible,' and this is partially because of... well, he controls a demon, and partially because of his racing mind delivering delusions of grandeur. Such rushes of euphoria and overconfidence only last - you guessed it - a short while, however. One moment, he can laugh and gloat and give tall orders for his Claude, and the next he can be clinging and afraid. He is only as invincible for as long as his mind will trick him, or for as long as Claude will nurture those qualities in him for his own gain.

Despite his arrogance, despite his grandiose air and his high and mighty acts, Alois is deeply insecure, and to a trained eye it can be very apparent. He's obsessed with gaining attention, even from people he can't stand. The attention-seeking is largely violent or otherwise cruel, yes, but it also manifests in flamboyant dress as well as overt flirtatiousness. He implies promiscuity, or at least a great deal of sexualization, with himself, whether or not it's in practice; Alois has very little to no respect for personal space, even toward people he's completely unacquainted with. Largely a result of his previous sexual abuse, he feels the need to present himself as openly as he can. Control issues are prominent, and really, that aspect of him is a large part of the control. He spreads himself in order to make sure that no one else will, even if he will berate others for doing the same. This comes complete with a touch of misogyny, as is demonstrated with his constant harsh abuse of his maid Hannah.

He is demanding, impulsive, needy and greedy all at once. Responsibilities are often easily and shamelessly shirked, although Alois does have an understanding of how important his noble image can be. When it comes down to it, however, Claude is really what's keeping everything together. Speaking of shameless, that's another prominent quality: he does not limit himself, whether it be raining money and property deeds down on his uncle's horses for his own amusement, or dressing up and posing as a female maid in order to goad and catch Ciel. His ideas are over the top and he thinks of nothing but what he wants to get out of the experience; instant gratification is a staple of his lifestyle. He wants satisfaction and he feels as though he deserves it - or at the very least, as though he needs it and intends to earn it. This, again, ties back in with his desire to satisfy Claude with himself. As attached as Alois is to his demon, Claude has been sewing seeds of insecurity and dependency in the boy since day one, or even long before it. Alois was all too easily manipulated, and has not, at this time, come to realize it. He berates Claude for his nature and for the fact that even he will leave Alois someday (so the master believes), but he cannot tear himself away from his butler. Gaining Ciel Phantomhive was the center of Alois' existence, his singular reason for living; he will realize fully, eventually, that Claude has taken center stage with Ciel. Claude Faustus holds Alois Trancy's soul under contract, but he holds the boy's heart, too, completely by accident. (Too bad he doesn't want it.)

He's a liar, an actor, and for all that he hates sickeningly sweet shit, he'll display it with sparkling laughter, so long as it will cause someone to fall for him. He surrounds himself with what he hates: a house full of demons, a 'man' who won't acknowledge him. He hates what's been done to him and he takes it out on others, whether it's premeditated or not. Alois Trancy, in these things, contradicts himself constantly. Too often he has no idea what he wants.

In various moments of what could be cold lucidity, there's some level of awareness regarding how undesirable a personality such as Alois' can be. He'll sink into moments of self-deprecation, thanks to that niggling sea of emotional vulnerability. Sometimes he'll fish for compliments, while during other moments they'll need to be pressed at him until he grudgingly accepts them, still unhappy with himself and the world. Alois Trancy is, first and foremost, a child seeking refuge from various forms of terror. If he inflicts it himself, will it not bend to his will? And of course the will of the Earl of Trancy is terribly important. This idea could, in part, contribute to his interest in Black Magic (he often, especially under duress, mutters an incantation that's said to summon fairies, generally before assigning an order to or asking after Claude; his adoptive father, we've seen, used some sort of shaman to try and locate his infant stolen son, as well), and it makes for a very spoiled demeanor.

Clingy and avaricious and far too lonely, Alois relies mostly on his dependency on Claude to get by, and though he often tries to appear seductive and delighted, he doesn't really know what to do with himself. He isn't ready for the work that comes with his title and he doesn't understand how to healthily interact with the people around him, and that he's constantly catered to doesn't at all help this situation. Alois is a child in a thousand ways, and though his head is never set straight - though his moods change drastically between one minute to the next - he is very much longing for companionship without the drawback of being hurt. Hurting others is what he knows well, and it's a way for him to cope with company. His affection is sinister, but at the same time, much of the gravity of his actions doesn't really sink in well to him. Alois cannot comprehend what's going on outside of his erratic mind, and because of such a lack of reality, this is one of his most dangerous flaws, both to him and to the people around him. Though heavily furthered by extreme trauma throughout the years, he's just about always been off, even as a child, even when he had love. The upbringing and subsequent loss of that love tore his trust nearly fully away, but cruel adults even during his early years had already started to chip at it.

'Jim Macken' is a discarded name, a part of himself he's tried earnestly to shut away since naming himself heir to the Trancy estate. Luca Macken, his younger brother, had been that child's saving grace, and with him gone, Jim shed his skin and segued into Alois, and there were no holds barred from there on out. When the center of your world dies, it's very difficult to keep your steps.

Claude Faustus took advantage of that, and Alois was consumed by his need to be consumed. His will isn't the strongest and his resolve isn't the firmest, but his infatuations carry him up and right in to Claude's arms.


Alois Trancy is a fraud; he is not the stolen-and-found heir to the Trancy line. He was not taken by fairies. He was not rescued from a burning village by his beloved father, and he did not re-claim his name and wealth after 'coming home.' Alois Trancy is Jim Macken, and Jim Macken will always be a dirty little village rat. The previous Earl Trancy's brother, Arnold Trancy, suspects as much - or at least, he's close to it. He accuses Alois of being a Changeling at best, and has been deeply distrusting of the child ever since his 're'-arrival around three years ago. Arnold Trancy claims that this fair-haired boy is not the rightful heir, and he is fully correct in thinking this. He is, however, unaware of the actual circumstances surrounding Alois' adoption.

When the true Alois Trancy was an infant, he was stolen from his cradle - by fairies, they say, by God knows what - and though the Earl Trancy used every resource he had at his disposal, there wasn't a trace of the child to be found. Alois' mother (a lovely woman, and perhaps melancholic) killed herself shortly thereafter in her grief. The Trancy household was, thereafter, maintained only by the Earl.

He preferred young boys.

It's exactly that which brings us to Jim Macken. A commoner lad with uncommonly fair hair and light eyes, he was orphaned at a very young age, leaving him with only his even smaller brother, Luca. Their village was small, but no one took the time to care for those boys; the opposite, in fact. The children were seen as a nuisance, two more mouths that weren't worth the effort to feed, and so they were left to fend for themselves. Jim proved to be an incredibly dedicated older brother. He did a hell of a lot of fending.

They stole things, to get by. They were dirty and on occasion they were beaten, but they were - fundamentally - happy. During certain moments, at least. Jim often swung between that and just angry. The boys clung to each other for warmth and life and, as they both insisted to each other, they had no need of a single other soul. Luca meant the sun and the stars to Jim. In fact, it was Luca's death that sent his older brother over the edge. Their entire village was slaughtered and burned, apparently through as yet unknown supernatural means; all around him, Jim Macken found bodies, but no life and no light. At first they delighted - Jim smiled and reassured and was nearly breathless from the giddiness of it all. They can't do anything to us anymore, he said. It's only us, Luca. But their hands uncurled from each other and Luca wandered away, and he was also killed. Jim found that boy, held him and realized the lack of air in his lungs and became positively terrified. Both the loneliness and darkness were crushing. He wailed and called out and begged not to be left on his own. He screamed. He grew listless.

For years, he grew listless.

He was likely about eight years old, when everyone died. (Luca was probably five.) At ten or eleven, he was still presenting himself in mourning clothes (torn and filthy, and he was half-starved himself), and though he had no reasons to live, he felt, there he was.

Eventually, he was rounded up. Other orphaned boys were taken by the wagonload to the Trancy estate, and it quickly became apparent that their purpose was a sinister one: the Earl Trancy desired 'dolls' to keep him company and to entertain him. A cellar, a basement, a barn - whatever it was, a number of adolescent boys were stored there, kept under dim lighting before being scrubbed and presented so that the Earl could inspect them and choose whomever struck his fancy. His first time being seen, the Earl was disgusted by Jim. 'You have filthy eyes,' he said. A sickening color. He beat Jim and still the boy was listless.

It's unknown how long a time Jim stayed in that place with the other children, but they were starting to fall ill. An epidemic was spreading and many of the boys were dying. Jim continually found himself spared. He experienced everything but death. Perhaps thanks to God, perhaps thanks to a demon. Maybe fate had a hand in it. Regardless of any caretaker, he stayed alive and he simply waited.

There was a story. A story, one of the boys said; there was a fairy. It grants wishes, he said. It could take us away. The others mocked it, felt spite and said that they were meant only to be devoured by the Earl. Jim, however- he took stock. He asked after the story, and after how to summon the fairy. 'A spider's web upon which the morning dew has gathered,' he was told: 'Wear that as a veil over an honest face.' An incantation was meant to follow, and it stuck with the child throughout the years. Houhe o taraluna, Ron de rotarel. That was meant to summon the fairy. He dreamed the scenario, in which he accomplished such a thing, but- he got a demon, instead. The demon, who spun webs around him, asked after his wish. 'I don't have one,' Jim said. 'Call for me when you do,' the demon said.

Jim Macken woke up and realized that he had a reason to live.

He seduced the Earl, now his 'father,' after that. Earl Trancy took the child as his personal 'doll,' and in exchange, Jim adopted the name we know him by today: Alois Trancy. He endured abuse and he waited. Finally, the demon came for him again.

'Sebastian Michaelis,' the demon told him.

'Another demon?' Alois said.

'Exactly that.'

A demon, then, killed his brother, Alois was told. A demon had done it due to the wish of his previous contractor, who had since been eaten. The monster with the golden eyes, however, told Alois that there was a new contractor, a boy called Ciel Phantomhive. Sebastian Michaelis was unusually attached to that boy's soul, the demon said. Alois formed his wish. He contracted the golden-eyed demon in that instant, selling his soul in exchange for service, and the demon, now called Claude Faustus, was ordered to bring Ciel Phantomhive to Alois Trancy, so that the child might have his revenge. In sealing his deal with Alois, Claude placed his contract mark first on Alois' tongue, and then on his own hand.

The Earl Trancy was killed by Claude shortly thereafter. Alois named himself heir and inherited the title. It was a damn fine plan, he felt, and with Claude by his side, he would accomplish what he so longed for. And-- Ciel Phantomhive died.

The nature of a demonic contract (a Faustian contract, as it were, hello meaningful names) states that once the demon's duties are completed, the soul of the contractor is the demon's to devour. Ciel died and Sebastian made to consume the child's soul, as promised. And Claude stole it away.

A soul was useless without a body, Alois decided. He wanted it. Demanded it. Their contract couldn't be fulfilled until Alois had taken his revenge on Sebastian Michaelis, and he wanted it to be more than the simple theft of a meal. And so, though difficult for a boy like him, he was patient, and he waited. A trapdoor spider, in essence; Claude would retrieve Ciel's body, and Alois would avenge his little brother by bringing agony to the demon Sebastian Michaelis.

Unaware of Claude's complete deceit, Alois' infatuation for his butler grew; his fixation with Ciel Phantomhive grew. He waited.


NV communication device.

• currently residing in 'the Phancyhive manor.'

• dormant ability: can fully communicate with spiders, now. he's trying to teach them how to write... thanks, E.B. White
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