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if all bad children go to hell, it's because they want the fire.
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5th-Aug-2020 11:23 am - ✖contact / info.
and i want to walk around with you.

player; rinna
aim; buono buono ooh
e-mail; rinnachu@gmail.com
lj messaging on this account is open.
comment here, to get in touch, if it's more convenient. (anon is on. ip is off.)

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anything else? c:
6th-Aug-2019 11:18 am - ✖character information
feeds you injections of cortisone.
further character information

updated to keep with canon plot twists. they keep happening.


name: Alois Trancy
canon: Kuroshitsuji II
gender: male
age / birth date: fourteen fifteen years; fifth of november, 1875

when the soul wants, the soul waits.Collapse )
11th-Aug-2018 07:05 pm - ✖ic contact.
i give much more than i'd ever ask for.
It's the Earl Alois Trancy speaking. What?
27th-Aug-2017 02:44 am - ✖relationships.
ran to the window.
you know that when i hate you, it is because i love you to a point of passion that unhinges my soul.
last updated: 1/22. let me know if you want me to add someone!

you're using me for your own gain.Collapse )
17th-Aug-2017 03:36 pm - ✖permissions.
what's going on in this thread?
Okay, hey, what's up! This seems like a good idea, due to his nature, so I'm gonna jump on it:

Alois Trancy is a bit of a creepy child. Saying it like that is actually watering it down; he can be really creepy. He's also precocious in ways he shouldn't be. As in, he's a pretty sexualized kid, and he tends to be the one to instigate such things. He has no problem with forgoing manners in order to be all touchy feely with someone (generally adult men, but exceptions are made), nor does he pass up many chances to leer or make suggestive comments.

Now then. This could be disquieting for a lot of reasons, and I understand that! First, he's fourteen years old. Second, he's a previous victim of sexual abuse, and tends to project. I'm not saying that he's going to perv on everyone he talks to, but... there's a chance that YOU COULD BE NEXT, so I wanted to throw this up here because I don't want anyone to be made uncomfortable by him. If you've got problems with Alois flirting in such a way, please drop me a line here, and I can either tone it down for you or make sure to avoid that element completely -- or even, if you'd rather, we can avoid threads between Alois and your character altogether. I'd like to make sure not to step on any toes!

Further details are available upon request, in case I've forgotten something here as I am so often wont to do.
19th-Feb-2011 06:14 pm - TROPES. TROPES EVERYWHERE.
u mad?
Compilation of TV Tropes pertaining to this kid. Good luck.

how many 'love' or 'creepy' tropes can we fit in hereCollapse )
7th-Dec-2010 08:34 pm - his life is awful okay
he trembles.

ty ciara.
31st-Aug-2010 11:23 pm - ✖sexuality meme.
amnesty,love,kinetic energy.
Sexuality Headcanon Meme

The Easy Part
What is your…

1. Name:
Alois Trancy
2. Age: fourteen (which means please don't open this if it'll skeeve you)
3. Sex: male
4. Gender Identity: male
5. Sexual Orientation: convenience

love is not what you're thinking of.Collapse )
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